Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thing 1

I get hungry. That's a thing that makes me eat. I mean I'll go days and days and not be hungry at all. Then out of nowhere I'll wake up starving the next morning. I do mean starving too. Stomach aching. Just so danged hungry. It's like I can eat and eat and nothing fills me up though. It is something I've wondered about possibly being just because I'm tired and don't know how to deal with being tired. I wonder if I wake up bored too.

I've got better at ignoring it though. It helps some if I can convince myself it'll all be okay as soon as I can drink some water. Sometimes that helps. Sometimes it makes my stomach hurt.

I'll sort through it eventually.


NoRegrets said...

Hmm... maybe get on a regular schedule of eating? Even just small things? Odd though.

NoRegrets said...

I just read your new sub-line. Maybe there is more to life than brownies. That's so great.

Susan said...

I try to eat on a regular basis (time wise) it just seems like I get a phone call or hung up with work. Doing my job I can't eat and work (thank god or I'd weigh 500 lbs)...

There may be more to life than brownies but they sure make it worth living. ;0

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