Saturday, October 16, 2010

didn't i my dear

For the past couple of these things I have been talking about things that make me hungry. I thought I would mention something that doesn't on this cool Saturday morning.

Drinking coffee. It makes me feel full and happy and warm. Is there a coffee only diet? One of my A friends told me yesterday I'm not eating enough and my body is going to think it's starving. I was like - I'm eating. I'm not starving myself. It's just she had got so used to me eating all time (seriously) that is seems like I'm never eating. I still eat. God knows I love food. Especially bread (as mentioned before). Oh, and butter. Ohhh bread and butter.

There I go talking about things I love again.

I got a bit of things under control. I do have to talk myself down from doing crazy things like eating until I'm ill. I don't really fully know what drives me to do that. It's like there are just times I have to get sick off of eating too much food to feel really alive. It's something I've got to work out in my head.

Tomorrow: Update on measurements. Ugh.


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