Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Thursday?

Whhheww what is it about days I decide I'm going to post and not knowing the day it is. I know today is Wednesday but the last time I posted it was a Thursday. I had a very bad day and was very discouraged. I don't even really remember why things were so rough.

I can let everyone know that even though work SUCKKKKED today, other things are going well. I met my 8 week goal of 16 pounds. I'm working on my next 8 week goal. I set it at 16 also but I know this will get harder as each week, and pound, passes. I've worked hard and hope to continue. The husband is more on board now and that makes things easier. He's been complimenting me on my "shape" and how I'm more "shapely" which I've finally learned is a compliment.

In most cases I'm sleeping better. That's a side effect of the weight loss.

One worry: I have to start traveling for work again soon. I just need to remember to control myself. Just because I'm in a different environment doesn't mean I have to go crazy.

I can do this. I will succeed.

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