Sunday, October 17, 2010

one week down

Okay, I've made it through one week. I've worked out, watched what I ate (and not just as it went from the plate to my mouth) and made sure to drink plenty of water. I've done some experimenting with what/how/when I'm eating. These are the results of one week:

Arms: 13.75 (down .25)
Bust: 37.75 (down .75)
Waist: 39.75 (down .75)
Hips: 49 (down .5)
Thighs: 29.5 (down .5)
Calves:18 (down 1)
Total Inches Lost: 3.75 inches
Pounds lost: 7.8

I'm pretty happy with the results for the week. Today is kind of a wildcard because I take Sundays off from working out. I figure it's okay to take one day a week to just chill. I also ate a pepperoni roll today for lunch and it wasn't great for me. We are, however, having a pretty healthy dinner so I'm not going to worry myself to death.

In regards to what I'm thinking about changing with my eating this week I'm speaking regarding my breakfast and lunch. I don't believe I'm eating enough during the day. It's making me tired and grouchy so I'm moving things around with it. With working out I'm planning on keeping the path I did this week.

Upcoming worries: I have to go to New Orleans for work on Saturday for 4 days. This worries me but I think I can get things ironed out. I just need to make sure I get some healthy snacks and breakfast options. I need to not be too hard on myself but hold myself accountable. When I first get to the hotel I need to find the gym and make myself say I'm going to go there.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

didn't i my dear

For the past couple of these things I have been talking about things that make me hungry. I thought I would mention something that doesn't on this cool Saturday morning.

Drinking coffee. It makes me feel full and happy and warm. Is there a coffee only diet? One of my A friends told me yesterday I'm not eating enough and my body is going to think it's starving. I was like - I'm eating. I'm not starving myself. It's just she had got so used to me eating all time (seriously) that is seems like I'm never eating. I still eat. God knows I love food. Especially bread (as mentioned before). Oh, and butter. Ohhh bread and butter.

There I go talking about things I love again.

I got a bit of things under control. I do have to talk myself down from doing crazy things like eating until I'm ill. I don't really fully know what drives me to do that. It's like there are just times I have to get sick off of eating too much food to feel really alive. It's something I've got to work out in my head.

Tomorrow: Update on measurements. Ugh.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes I close my eyes...

There are times when I close my eyes and find myself fantasizing. It makes me feel warm and happy all at once. I lick my lips and find myself wanting it so bad.

What am I fantasizing about? A great big...stack of pancakes. That's right. Buttermilk pancakes. Fresh off the grill. All of them drown in butter because I don't like syrup. Just thinking about them now makes my mouth water.

Is there a medical condition for fantasizing about carbs? If so I both suffer and enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thing 1

I get hungry. That's a thing that makes me eat. I mean I'll go days and days and not be hungry at all. Then out of nowhere I'll wake up starving the next morning. I do mean starving too. Stomach aching. Just so danged hungry. It's like I can eat and eat and nothing fills me up though. It is something I've wondered about possibly being just because I'm tired and don't know how to deal with being tired. I wonder if I wake up bored too.

I've got better at ignoring it though. It helps some if I can convince myself it'll all be okay as soon as I can drink some water. Sometimes that helps. Sometimes it makes my stomach hurt.

I'll sort through it eventually.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Here We Go Again

Recently I received a comment that I should start blogging again about how wonderful being married is for me. I sort of snickered at this idea. It's not that our life isn't great together - it is great. We just live a real life where there are times we don't agree, times we argue and times when his snoring makes me want to put a pillow over his face just to make it stop. (just kidding..sort of) I love him to death, though, just like he does me and that makes life a little bit better every single day.

While I've been considering this idea I've also been fighting with my advisary - my weight- yet again. Has anyone heard that saying about getting shorter and fatter because you're happy? Fly mentioned something to me about it but I can't remember the wording he used here. I was happy at my wedding and pretty content with the way the pictures turned out. The issue with buying a dress and then deciding you're going to get healthy again is that pesky thing about measurements varying constantly with each pound gained or lost. After fretting over the whole wedding dress thing for about 6 months I said "Forget it...I'm done with this." ..and I ate. And ate. And...ate.

This morning I finally sucked it up and weighed myself. In the moment I stepped on the scale I almost passed out. I swear my clothes seemed to be fitting better! I wasn't having issues getting into them. I was walking 3-5 times a week at work and working out in addition to that twice a week. How did this happen? How did I get here again? I can't believe I'm about to start from square one again to fight this stupid battle with myself.

I decided, however, to start blogging this battle again. I'm going to be painfully honest with myself and everyone else in this time. I'm not going to put my weight until I can face it but I'm going to put every single measurements up once a week. This is day one of kicking my own ass into gear.

From here on this blog will be me talking about what I'm eating, what drives me to wanting to eat (especially when I'm not hungry) and, as usual, whatever other random thing pops into my head.

Arms: 14
Bust: 38.5
Waist: 40.5
Hips: 49.5
Thighs: 30
Calves: 19

God help us, here we go.

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