Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You don't send me flowers anymore...

I've completely quit blogging, I know. I do miss it. There are so many things I'd like to open my heart up about and let come pouring out. Things change as the seasons do, though, and it makes it seem like a bad idea to just put it all out there. You never know who might stumble upon the things you write I suppose. I kicked around the idea of starting up a different blog with a different name to just be able to be anonymous and painfully honest.

There are times there are things clinging to the tip of my tongue, waiting to be said, and I swallow them.

I'm in a bit of a dark place today, but trying to find the light. I have to put on that smile and fake it until I make it. If I start a new blog up and you'd be interested in having the info on it - comment here and I'll share with you. I'm more so debating a blog with a touch of truth and a lot of fiction. I miss writing as an escape. It might do me good to start again.

I think of you all often. I hope you're all well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have a blog?

Wow, I haven't visited in forever. I could give reasons but they're really just excuses. I'm busy, honestly, and used to blog at work but just can't fit it in anymore. However, here's an update on what all is going on in my life!

  • 3 weeks shy of the 1 year wedding anniversary
  • Down 42 pounds since my wedding. I have 27 more to go to hit my goal!
  • I have a new job - same company - different job. I'm happy with it but incredibly busy
  • I'm pretty sure I'm going back to school at a major university
  • Did I ever say Phenom got a new home and I just have Jasper and Daisy now?
  • I'm making my first ever trip to California this year
  • I'm travelling a lot
  • I wish I took pictures but I always get so hung up on looking around that I forget to save the memories
That's about all for now. How are y'all?

Friday, May 6, 2011


Why, oh why, do I binge eat? I'm going to look up a book to help me deal with my problem. It is a problem. A big problem. It's like I lose all control.

I want to cry but my insides are numb from food.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I came, I saw, I blogged

My weekly post is up - visit it! http://calebbradberry.com/wordpress/?p=96

Monday, April 4, 2011


Okay, a couple of things under news.

  1. New low weight achieved today! This is, of course, good news. If I lose weight, though, basically every day is a new low weight so I probably won't mention it every time the scale goes down. Or maybe I will 'cause it makes me feel good. I have about 20 days left to lose 6 pounds to reach my 8 week goal. We'll see if I can make it. I didn't gain weight over the weekend so that's very good news and a big accomplishment.
  2. I am now doing weekly guest spots over at http://calebbradberry.com/wordpress/. It really will make your life better if you visit it at least every week to see my featured series of posts. I'm not even going to tell you the subject of my series. Let's see if you can identify it without clues.
I hope everyone is great! I am working on afghan #2 for friend's having babies. I should post pictures 'cause they have turned out really pretty. Maybe I will on the one I'm working on now because I already wrapped the other one.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How about some measurements?

I have 3 of my measurements because that's all I was sure I could remember this morning.

Waist: 33
Hips: 41
Calves: 15.5

Last time I posted measurements I was here:
Waist: 36
Hips: 47
Calves: 15.5

The bad news is it appears I'm always going to have fat calves. The good news is whoa, 6 inches off my hips! My hips have always been a problem area for me so this is great news. My butt is also firming up a lot so woohoo!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who Never Posts?

I never post! Where did all my time go when I could write brilliant blogs about random things in my mind or bitch about not losing weight? No idea, it's just gone.

Things are going. They just are going slowly. I'm still working myself out to death and struggling with eating until my eyes are full, not my stomach.

Life goes on.

I'm working on a project for a friend of mine who is having a baby. When it is done up will go pictures.

Maybe. Who am I kidding? I can't even post my new measurements.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Thursday?

Whhheww what is it about days I decide I'm going to post and not knowing the day it is. I know today is Wednesday but the last time I posted it was a Thursday. I had a very bad day and was very discouraged. I don't even really remember why things were so rough.

I can let everyone know that even though work SUCKKKKED today, other things are going well. I met my 8 week goal of 16 pounds. I'm working on my next 8 week goal. I set it at 16 also but I know this will get harder as each week, and pound, passes. I've worked hard and hope to continue. The husband is more on board now and that makes things easier. He's been complimenting me on my "shape" and how I'm more "shapely" which I've finally learned is a compliment.

In most cases I'm sleeping better. That's a side effect of the weight loss.

One worry: I have to start traveling for work again soon. I just need to remember to control myself. Just because I'm in a different environment doesn't mean I have to go crazy.

I can do this. I will succeed.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tired and stuck

I hate this weather. The ice now has me stuck on my mountain.I hate being stuck.

This means I'm going to have to find a means of working out at my house. My husband is home. Tough.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just a few things

I haven't measured yet because the only time I can think about it is right after I've worked out. I thought I'd post a few things here though because better out than in, as Shrek says.

I have been participating in the National Fitness Challenge through the Discovery Channel. Since I started it I have lost 10 pounds. My total goal for my 8 week challenge is 16 pounds so I'm on my way. I think I'm at 3 weeks. I can't really remember. I should probably look at that. In this time I've also started a weight loss support group on Facebook. It's 7 of us right now. If nothing else it helps me be accountable because I have taken on a leadership roll with everything.

I have a headache today. I've actually had a headache about 3 days. It makes me want to just go back to bed. I am at work, though, and staying busy. Hopefully it'll pass.

How's everyone doing?

Also, I went back and read a bunch of my old blogs before deleting them. I'd just like to take a moment to say...thank god that phase of my life is over.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I've been thinking...

...and reading back through some of my older blogs. I'm going to ditch a lot of them. They are a very strange part of my past that I just don't feel like holding on to anymore. I have learned my lessons from them and, finally, firmly want to leave them where they belong - the past.

As a p.s...any of my random fiction I'm keeping up 'cause maybe I'll write a book someday.

As a p.s.s....I know I need to update on the fatness of my buttness but I haven't had time to take measurements lately (how much of an excuse or way of saying "I don't want to take measurements" is that?). I will try to take them tomorrow after work and get them up.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another weekend passes

Well, I made it through the holidays without gaining any weight which was a pretty impressive feat. It could be because I technically have gained weight but I just fight it off all week long to stay at an even place. Hopefully since I've got passed it all I can focus in. I have a doctor's appointment in March so I'm thinking it will help motivate me to be the best me I can be (though, honestly, it never has before).

My measurements haven't changed either. Again, I guess I'm just glad to make it out alive.

Workout has remained about the same except I'm going to start dragging my mom with me to the gym 3 days a week which means I'll have some extra workout time. Hopefully it'll make things changed too.

I hope everyone is diving into 2011 and feeling all happy.

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