Sunday, October 17, 2010

one week down

Okay, I've made it through one week. I've worked out, watched what I ate (and not just as it went from the plate to my mouth) and made sure to drink plenty of water. I've done some experimenting with what/how/when I'm eating. These are the results of one week:

Arms: 13.75 (down .25)
Bust: 37.75 (down .75)
Waist: 39.75 (down .75)
Hips: 49 (down .5)
Thighs: 29.5 (down .5)
Calves:18 (down 1)
Total Inches Lost: 3.75 inches
Pounds lost: 7.8

I'm pretty happy with the results for the week. Today is kind of a wildcard because I take Sundays off from working out. I figure it's okay to take one day a week to just chill. I also ate a pepperoni roll today for lunch and it wasn't great for me. We are, however, having a pretty healthy dinner so I'm not going to worry myself to death.

In regards to what I'm thinking about changing with my eating this week I'm speaking regarding my breakfast and lunch. I don't believe I'm eating enough during the day. It's making me tired and grouchy so I'm moving things around with it. With working out I'm planning on keeping the path I did this week.

Upcoming worries: I have to go to New Orleans for work on Saturday for 4 days. This worries me but I think I can get things ironed out. I just need to make sure I get some healthy snacks and breakfast options. I need to not be too hard on myself but hold myself accountable. When I first get to the hotel I need to find the gym and make myself say I'm going to go there.

I hope everyone has a great week!


NoRegrets said...

All sound like good plans and will keep my fingers crossed in finding the gyms...

Susan said...

Thanks. I need crossed fingers and prayers and whatever else someone can send up for me.

Churlita said...

Hey! You're back. Sorry I've been out of the loop, but I'll try to check in regularly again.

NoRegrets said...

where's the update???

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