Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You don't send me flowers anymore...

I've completely quit blogging, I know. I do miss it. There are so many things I'd like to open my heart up about and let come pouring out. Things change as the seasons do, though, and it makes it seem like a bad idea to just put it all out there. You never know who might stumble upon the things you write I suppose. I kicked around the idea of starting up a different blog with a different name to just be able to be anonymous and painfully honest.

There are times there are things clinging to the tip of my tongue, waiting to be said, and I swallow them.

I'm in a bit of a dark place today, but trying to find the light. I have to put on that smile and fake it until I make it. If I start a new blog up and you'd be interested in having the info on it - comment here and I'll share with you. I'm more so debating a blog with a touch of truth and a lot of fiction. I miss writing as an escape. It might do me good to start again.

I think of you all often. I hope you're all well.


EsLocura said...

besos, you know I'll follow you anywhere, and you don't even have to blow in my ear : )

NoRegrets said...

me me!

hey, you even got Es to write. kudos!

Churlita said...

Let m e know..I hope things are better now.

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